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LED luminaire for general illumination

BLD230 series are built to perform effectively and economically in areas that may be difficult to service, expensive to shut down, or any location requiring an increased degree of safety.  

Compared with conventional lighting, LED Lighting consume up to 85% less energy and typically last as long as 60,000 hours or more.Explosive gas atmosphere: Zone 1 and Zone 2;

Combustible dust environment: Zone 20, Zone 21, Zone 22;

Explosive gas atmosphere of IIA, IIB and IIC; T1-6;


Energy-efficient: compared with conventional lighting, LED consumes up to 85% less energy.

Long life: last to 60,000h rated life or more, 50 times of incandescent bulbs, 8 times of fluorescent lamps.

High light efficiency: dedicated honeycomb mirror enhance bigger lighting area, uniform illumination.

Horizontal tri-chamber structure, driver and wiring ensure LED heat will not affect driver and wiring parts.

Optimized heat sink: aluminum housing with air diversion structure removes heat from the LEDs and driver to ensure longer life.

Excellent 180° illumination, meet high illumination demand.

Wide voltage range: AC220V type can operate within 90-260V range.

Multi-protection: constant current with short-circuit and overvoltage protection.

Good EMC: excellent electromagnetic compatibility and anti-interference.

SMT technology: surface mounting technology keeps low working temperature of LED chip.

Standard material: copper-free Aluminum housing, surface with epoxy powder coating, tempered glass and stainless steel external hardware.

Emergency type: 20/30W can be battery built-in, last to 60 min working after power cut.